My new webpage is getting on and I am amazed that Russell(my nephew) and I finally found a way to get most of the things I do together in one webpage. 🙂
I realize now what a lot of stuff I have made – and its far from being complete.
A show is coming up at my Innsbruck Gallery Dieter Tausch opening on 5th of April.
I named it “El Capricho” after the name of the shop for ladies wear that belonged to the family of my grandmother Matilde Padros. That was in the 19th century.
It is all about women and femininity –trying to find images for it like:
Dresses, folds, textiles, birds with their beaks and feathers, flowers, dark and deep cracks, wet and watery, jumping and flying, slippers and boats, trumpets and horses and donkeys….

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