Spreyed Animallife

Yesterday, saturday, spring started I went with my friend Christine for a walk along the Donau Kanal. It used to be a pretty dreary place.

It has developed into a living gallery for sprey artists. Lots of them had come and where spraying awy. I was upset for not having taken my camera.

So today, sunnday, I decided to go again and thought of interveauing some of them. I was curious what makes them choose the speace on wich they

paint. Is it that the preveous design is so ugly or is it becouse they like it and they want to add to it.

How preconseved is their picture and do they make the desighn no matter where it is going to be painted…

all sorts of questions

but when I got there I had a surprise

no sprayers around

Do sprayers obstain of working on sunnday?

So I had a cup of coffee at Tel Aviv.

A frog a day
A frog a day




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  1. Some were fantastic!
    Here we call “spreyers” “taggers”

    Some have gone to be represented in galleries, getting lots of money for their work.

    I really like ‘frog day’ and the two panels.

    Elizabeth Sancha Crosby

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