Today at Christine Ernst`s Rahmenhandlung

Today at Christine Ernst`s Rahmenhandlung.
Samy Angeli, busy, working as usual, quick, precise and concentrated.
But all the same very friendly and funny!
Christine in the front part of the shop conferring with a lady conservation specialist for paper
The object they where talking about is a 400 year map that has to be mended
They where getting excited about it
Later Christine mused that maybe she should have become a paper restorer instead of art dealer
I am glad she became an art dealer
I left my invitation for my coming exhibition at Galerie Dieter Tausch in Innsbruck
And left to go to Schuhwerk in Hitzing where I am having my lessons in
Shoe making (cobblery)
Christine`s pinnwall:

christine pinwall

My son’s new work

Last night I looked at Benjamin Nachtigalls, my sons 🙂  new work.
Big A1 pastel drawings. Now framed they look absolutely stunning.
They are iridescent, not only their colors but so are their stories
Glowing and witty
Love them,never mind all the reflections
this makes a wonderful triptichon
and above yet another pastel full of humor
Benjamin uses the Mischmaschine my other son Aaron used to love so much when he was a kid
The black dog appearing here and there is Benjamin’s dog, lovely Lilly

Mixing Machine


My new webpage is getting on and I am amazed that Russell(my nephew) and I finally found a way to get most of the things I do together in one webpage. 🙂
I realize now what a lot of stuff I have made – and its far from being complete.
A show is coming up at my Innsbruck Gallery Dieter Tausch opening on 5th of April.
I named it “El Capricho” after the name of the shop for ladies wear that belonged to the family of my grandmother Matilde Padros. That was in the 19th century.
It is all about women and femininity –trying to find images for it like:
Dresses, folds, textiles, birds with their beaks and feathers, flowers, dark and deep cracks, wet and watery, jumping and flying, slippers and boats, trumpets and horses and donkeys….