More about El Capricho

Moore about El Capricho 28.03. 2013

When my grandmother Matilde Padròs Rubiò was about 10 years old

Antoni Gaudi was commissioned his first building

It was named El Capricho – a villa outside Barcelona

It is covered all over with tiles with sunflowers on them

And then there is a park in Madrid that is called Parque El Capricho

very beautiful and a bit grotesque

 Moore about El Capricho 28.03.2013-2

Casa-la-Vieja…Old House…indeed

but look at this El Parque El CaprichoMoore about El Capricho 28.03.2013-3

just to remind you:  El Capricho

Hartman-Brilliance Wien

Hartman-Brilliance Wien
This is the most beautiful shop in the whole of Vienna!
They are oculists and make their own horn-frames.
Very sympathetic and competent lot.
Lately I have been providing pictures for their advertisement.
Dieter Telfser does all the rest – the serous stuff!
They have taken some of my new leather bags to offer for sale 🙂
Here’s one of them, she´s called Robina.
My bags are all handmade and unique pieces as u know!

Leather bag in Hartmann window

And a shot of the shop interior , I think it is soo beautiful!

Hartmann Interior